Fun and Chic Purple Hair Ideas

If you are a daring lady and you want to change your style with some lively and colourful braids, then you should go for vibrant pastel purple hair shade. This will guarantee complete vibrant look that will be envy for many ladies.

It consists of that unique romance title that is incredibly feminine and hip-an ideal combination. These beautiful purple hair ideas will leave you wanting to get some cute purple tresses!

  1. Choppy Bob with Highlights of Pink

This gorgeous look is undoubtedly attractive to the eye, but it will not make sense to stop at only one feminine hade when you have other possibilities to choose. The highlights of this pastel hair shades are glamorous and increase the dimension and contrast of this super sexy short cut.

  1. Purple Topknot

Does the fair look of less dark pastels make you uncomfortable? Then you have an option of a darker colour! This style of very dark purple hue is a composition if gothic and blonde flare that is captivating. Beautiful!

Sure you put some subtle eye makeup and pink lips.

  1. Lengthy Waved Ombre

The world has always been obsessed by the ombre-hair- in this case, why should we remain in only one style when there is variety? This new variety has an elegant and cute curled hair with a definitive contrast between the ombre -dark roots and the ends of pastel purple with highlights of white. This shocking colour contrast is equally amazing. Love it.

  1. Extra Long Purple and White

You will always get it right with hair cascading like snow during the winter season; purple hair that is appealing to the eye and enchanting that you can’t shy away from! A composition of whites and purples gives this style an illuminating makeover.

  1. Dark Purple

One word only; attitude defines this gorgeous style! Exemplify your inner diva by augmenting some darker pastel purple hair shades with subtle purple hints and few lowlights to get some more fashion and dimension.

  1. Light Pastel Purple Bob

If you are bored with your short bob hairstyle because it lacks flare, then this style is here for your aid. It is so glamorous, especially when you compliment it with light pink lips in addition to the mix.

  1. Pee -A-Boo Brown

Another killer hairstyle with subtle natural tresses cascading on the lovely purple locks. The purple is worked on to pinch the hair for an attractive appearance.

  1. Purple Pixie with Side Bangs

This is the only pixie that will leave you looking like a goddess. This lovable hairdo incorporates a standard pixie cut exemplified with light pastel purple shading for a sexy finish. To rock in it, make